Thursday, 10 January 2008

How to conduct basic optimisation

What is meant by an optimised page?

An page that has been optimised has been structured to rank well for a particular search phrase. Optimisation is achieved by inserting the phrase in certain areas of the HTML code and body text on a page. The optimisation process we use analyses of the front end (the areas seen by the Internet surfer) and the back end (hidden code)

What are meta tags?

Meta tags are groups of text that are not visible but are indexed by search engine spiders. These tags contain the title, description and list of relevant keywords. Once the search engines spider your site the information is used to give a site a position ar rank for a key phrase.
How can I get my site higher in a search engines? Search engines rate the relevance of a page by its content, links and tags. The mathematical algorithm used rates the relevance of each page. When a search engine spider visits your site it looks at many aspects including page text, links and meta tags. Although the algorithm they use is a closely guarded secret, through analysis we can discover the key areas of the top 10 websites for a certain phrase, the information can then be applied to your site. Once the changes are applied you should gain a higher position in a chosen search engine.

Why should I invest in an Optimisation report?

No one can guarantee a top 10 positions, but we can give you the information to get you there. If you do not optimize the content of your website with keywords in the right positions using the right density your site will not achieve its full potential.Examples of successful optimization using our reports can be seen by typing the following phrases into - piling training or piling rigs for sale. You will notice that is within the first page for these phrases. The competition for these phrases in is 1,230,000. This position would not have been achieved without applying our optimization reports. This high position for that key phrase has increased the said company’s revenue by 40 %!

How to choose the right keywords?

Selection of the right key words/phrases is critical, you must use key phrases that your customer is likely to type into a search engine to find your site. They need to be relevant to your site and targeted, for example if your site is based upon ‘carp fishing holidays’ then that is the phrase we will run the report against. More people are using targeted phrases than ever before, some of this is due to the increasing amount of websites and competition for generic words or phrases. For example you are more likely to achieve a high position for ‘carp fishing holidays’ than you would for the keyword ‘fishing’ reason there are 135,000,000 to compete with – you only have 681,000 websites to compete against for ‘carp fishing holidays’ Consequently you have a greater chance of getting on the first page for ‘carp fishing holidays’ than for ‘fishing’

Is the report a ‘one off’ or will I need more?

A one of ‘one off’ report will assist you in achieving a high position, however in order to maintain that position or even improve upon it you should build a campaign. This is due to the changes in the way in which the search engines change their ranking programmes.

What should I do once I have adjusted my website as recommended within the report?
Once you have optimized your pages, you should submit your site to the search engines, the length of time it takes to see the results may be as much as 12 weeks. You should register your site with a minimum of the top 10 search engines as these have 90 % of traffic.
Why is my site is high in one search engine but not another?
Search engines use different criteria to gauge the site position for a search phrase. The manner in which their algorithms work is a closely guarded secret and are constantly updating their rules.

Do you recommend paying to get listed in search engines?

It is becoming more difficult to get listed in Yahoo with the free submission service and several other search engines have only paid listings. Getting listed in Yahoo and Looksmart is important as the listing will bring you custom but also is used by other search engines to rate the importance of your site., more information at web design near Bath Trowbridge Frome Devizes

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